Outsourcing of temporary workmanship

Temporary employment

We offer the Temporary Manpower Service, which is the quickest and least costly solution to solve special situations of Companies, such as Projects, replacement of employees on vacation, maternity / medical leave or extraordinary addition of services, which are all demand from unforeseeable or unpredictable factors of an intermittent, periodic or seasonal nature.

We are responsible for the selection, contracting, medical examinations, documentation, payroll, payment of charges, payment of salaries and benefits, and termination of contract, which implies in considerable cost savings for our Clients in personnel administration, besides having a lower effective cost employee.

During the term of the contract, our Clients receive up-to-date information from temporary employees for follow-up.

Indirect advantages:

  • No cost for Recruitment and Selection.
  • No accountant cost (PD) for the payroll management.
  • We carry out the whole process of admission and dismissal.
  • We collect all labor charges.
  • The rescission values are included

"Temporary Work is a smart and economical alternative, and in Grupo DSrh® this process is transparent, differentiated and secure."