Organizational processes support

Consultoria Organizacional

The main objective of Grupo DSrh in developing and implementing an Organizational Project is to get out of the common place, where together, we think differently. We design the Projects for each company in a unique way, mixing the Business Plan, the Organizational Culture, Values and Market Know-how, that only the company has, with the experience of Grupo DSrh® in human relations.

Our Organizational Projects are always executed by a multidisciplinary group composed of specialists in drafting, organizational culture, innovation and the specific subject of the project, instead of just a Project Consultant HR, using the usual methodologies.

We work with Personalized Projects to HR Policies Support, focusing on the diagnostic, implementation and monitoring, since the R&S until specific trainings and programs, through integration of new collaborators and Mood Research.

Our objective with the HR Services Support Projects is to facilitate the view of indicators and the resolution of company's operational gaps more quickly, guaranteeing the continued development of operations, reducing hiring costs or wrong dismisses and improving the workers' quality of life.

Every project developed by Grupo DSrh is unique, innovative, made by professionals who really understand the company's culture.

We develop and deploy projects for clinics, Startups, Navy, retail, Franchises and a lot of other segments, thanks to our 100% customized program.

Some organizational projects we develop:

  • Customized RH policies support
  • Employee performance evaluation
  • Position and salary
  • Profit/Results participation
  • Organizational climate research