Candidates area

Dear candidates,
We would like to inform you that our selection process is entirely free and you can keep your curriculum in our system as long as you want, with no costs.

Grupo DSrh has no partnership with any other HR consulting company that charges any fee from the candidates.

About the selection processes that you will participate, here are some clarifications:

  • We are a HR consulting company and we work with vacancies requested by our clients
  • We cannot assure you will be hired when you participate of one selection process, even when approved by DSrh consultants. Our job is to select trained professionals with the profile asked by the company, however it is our clients that decide who will be hired.
  • After the end of our selection process, all of the participating candidates will receive a feedback through their email informing that the process has ended, but their curriculum will remain in our system for further opportunities.
We wish you good luck in your process!
Grupo DSrh® Team

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